The most complete types of screw sludge dehydrator in domestic (type: tilt, horizontal, elliptical, mobile), widely used for sludge concentration and dehydration in municipal sewage, food, beverage, slaughter farming, printing and dyeing, petrochemical, paper, leather, pharmaceutical and other industries.

Water treatment filter

Filtration & screening parts

Mechanical grid for waste water pre-treatment (drum filter), various kinds of filters (self-cleaning filter, disc filter, ion ex-changer etc.), widely used in pharmaceuticals Industrial and agricultural fields such as metallurgy, electric power, chemical industry, building materials,electronics,automobile manufacturing, agricultural irrigation, aquaculture and new energy etc.

Filtration and screening parts, including wedge wire screen, screen pipe, screen basket, flat screen, bend sieve , curved sieve, hydraulic sieve, starch sieve, water cap, resin trap, etc., widely used in petroleum, paper, chemical , natural gas, food, starch, beer, water treatment, water well sand control, coal washing, mining and other industries.

The most advanced centrifuges in domestic (spiral discharge sedimentation centrifuge, piston pusher centrifuge, scraper discharge centrifuge) for liquid-liquid two-phase or liquid-liquid-solid & liquid-solid-solid three-phase separation, widely used in chemical, food, light industry, paper, mining and other industrial sectors.

Waster water & sludge machine

Solid-liquid separation centrifuge




Eco-origin Environmental Technology Co.,Ltd is specialized in water treatment technology (water purification, softening and desalination, steam boiler water, circulating cooling water treatment etc.), waste water & sludge treatment technology, Automatic precision filtration technology, automatic control technology and equipment for decades.

Eco-origin is a professional manufacturer,designer and supplier with ISO 9001 certification in water & waste water & sludge treatment and filtration machinery for industry, municipal and agricultural and other fields, and get a high reputation and hot market in Europe, North America and Asia.

Eco-origin is mainly focused on solid-liquid separation equipment , waste water & sludge treatment equipment, waste water pretreatment equipment, filter equipment and filter parts.

1) Solid-liquid separation equipment: Horizontal spiral discharging centrifuge, Two-stage pusher centrifuge

2) Waste water & sludge treatment equipment: sludge dewatering equipment, Sludge dehydrator, Screw sludge thickener,Pre-thickening sludge dehydrator, Mobile sludge dewatering unit

3) Waste water pretreatment equipment: Coarse screen, Fine screen,Drum screen, Drum filter

4) filter equipment:Self-cleaning Screen Filter Scrap filter,Basket filter, Self-backflushing Drum Filters

5) Filter parts: screens pipe, flat screen, nozzle screen,etc.

Eco-origin introduced Korean technology and established long-term cooperative relations with universities, research institutes, design institutes and industry experts at home and abroad.Several core technologies are in the leading level at home and abroad, Especially in wastewater and filtration treatment with the leading technology and competitive advantage. Our machines have been exported to Canada, Romania, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Iran, UAE, etc.

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